pesto ingredients


Restaurant Style Mayonnaise
Our traditional chef’s recipe is the basis of all the mayonnaises in our range. It is mixed with real gourmet ingredients like whole oven-roasted garlic, or fresh Tahitian lime juice to give the full and deep flavour characteristics of the perfect dressing or sauce.

Traditional Pesto
The Brubecks pesto is made with farm fresh herb leaves (grown on a local Jimboomba farm), with roasted cashews, aged Australian parmesan and imported pure olive oil. They are simply the finest quality pesto on the market.

sweet basil pesto
Varieties Product Code Shelf Life Size
Sweet Basil Pesto 701 6 weeks 175g
Coriander & Cashew Pesto 702 6 weeks 175g
Rocket & Goats Pesto 703 6 weeks 175g
Classic Aioli - Free Range 751 8 weeks 200g
Coriander & Lime Aioli - Free range 752 6 weeks 200g
Smashed Herb & Pepper Aioli 756 6 weeks 200g