The Brubecks Gourmet Pizza has taken the retail deli market by the horns and carved out a niche of pizza addicts. Our unique up-market toppings and signature rectangle shape have become icons of the Brubecks brand. We use only the richest tomato paste, fresh red onions, aged cheddar cheese, mozzarella, and a menu selection of flavours inspired by many years of pizzeria experience.

Varieties Product Code Shelf Life Size
The Capricciosa-ham & chilli mush 251 14 days 380g
The New York-pepperoni & Pesto 252 14 days 380g
The Milano-Boconcinini 253 14 days 380g
The Kashmir-tandoori chicken 254 9 days 380g
The Melbourne-Pumpkin 255 14 days 380g
The Bondi-Ham & Pineapple 256 14 days 380g
The Parisain-Brie & Parmesan 257 14 days 380g
The Madrid-Chorizo 258 14 days 380g

GF = gluten free