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Jamie Whitlock

Brubecks Boutique Foods began as a lifestyle change for chef, Jamie Whitlock, back in 2000. Seizing the opportunity to develop a restaurant-quality range of retail foods, he began showcasing simple, delicious and fresh food in retail outlets around Brisbane. 

Jamie has more than 27 years of kitchen experience under his belt after working his way around many of Brisbane’s premier restaurants and award winning catering companies. Jamie also has a wealth of knowledge gained from restaurant consultancy in London and Dublin. 

Some 16 years later and Brubecks has become a trusted gourmet food brand in South East Queensland that continues to be a market leader. A passion for food and an uncompromising approach to quality has been the driving force behind this development.

“I am so proud of what my dedicated, loyal team and I have achieved. We have been at the forefront of the awakening of the Queensland retail gourmet food scene and we will continue to push the envelope, evolving our Brand”. - Chef & Owner, Jamie Whitlock.

The philosophy of simple, fresh food done well has a name; Brubecks Boutique Foods.