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PIZZA 2020

Its been a while in the making, yet finally we are ready to launch.

Starting Monday 1st of June our brand-new pizza range hits the market.



   We have reworked our bestselling flavours of the past 10 years & given them a fresh polish of flavours. Gone is the iconic rectangle pizza & we have moved to a classic 11-inch round. The pizza base is completely new & is a stone baked, hand stretched dough from Letizza Bakery.


The range has reduced slightly yet the quality and unique flavours are still second to none. This is a real handmade pizzeria style gourmet pizza that will set the market on fire!


 The packaging serves a double purpose…It is a robust single piece of cardboard that can be used to slide the pizza in and out of a hot rack giving consumers a crispy based pizza. It also folds simply after use & goes easily into a general recycling bin, so much easier than a standard bulky pizza box.