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Our kitchen at Brubecks Boutique Foods creates sensational fresh foods designed exclusively for the retail food market. My team and I work everyday to bring our customers a range of full flavoured gourmet food, bespoke to make life at home in your kitchen a whole lot easier.

At Brubecks Boutique Foods we are local, fresh providers of fast, convenient and healthy foods.  

With a long history as a chef, our foodie-in-chief, Jamie Whitlock, brings restaurant quality into the home via a range of ready to go salads, quiches, & pizzas.



As we all head back to the grind stone each week don't lose heart on a Monday as Brubecks can help you make meals in a minute! The range of Brubecks salads are more than just an accompaniment to the deli BBQ Chook. Our gourmet handmade salads are more like side dishes. Below are a few of our favourite ways to use Brubecks Fresh Salads.

Simple easy meals in a minute!

  • Brubecks Wok tossed pumpkin pasta salad with a splash of cream served with a grilled steak.
  • Microwave our Roast Veg Cous Cous Salad and serve it with a tender grilled lamb fillet with a salsa verde.
  • Pan fry our Italian Pasta Salad and top with a crock pot cooked pulled pork.
  • Reheat a tub of Triple Quinoa and Coriander salad and serve it beside a simple steamed salmon fillet and drizzle with a little garlic yogurt.
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"I just wanted to say that the lasagne that you have is to die for. I love love love love this one over all the others. There are wholesome flavours, it's not greasy, there is the right cheese to pasta ratio and so affordable. It's my favourite time of the week when I can relax with this dish. Thank-you, I highly recommend your products to everyone I talk to. Please come out with more great amazing dishes that are healthy and just as delicious for the health-conscious. Keep up the amazingness!!!"

"Dear Brubecks, My daughter and I have just finished salads made by you."
One was the Tandoori Chicken and the other was Italian Pasta Salad. They were fantastic, fresh, the flavours were well balanced and well presented in-store. Well done. "

"Your roast pumpkin and feta pasta salad is an absolute winner."
-Michelle, Seven Hills

“I just wanted to write to say that I bought one of your Classic Quiche Lorraine and it was sensational! I have tried a number of your vegetarian products (pizza and risotto) and they have all been of an exceptional quality - congratulations…I look forward to eating more of your products in future and abrogating my responsibility to cook dinner ever again!!”
-Susan Armstrong

I’m a grumpy old man, nearly 60, who extremely dislikes frozen meals, take-away foods and restaurant meals. I prefer my own cooking every time. I purchased some of your lasagne on a whim…it was really, really good. Today I tried your pizza and it was beautiful. I think that your food is fantastic.”
-Geoff, Albany Creek.
“We both agreed that we’d never tasted such a good quinoa salad, not even out in a restaurant!”
-Rachael Gleeson, Herston
“We love the Quiche Lorraine because it tastes so homemade. We love the convenience of it”
-Melanie Higgins, Gold Coast
“I must say I bought a serving of the risotto and it was absolutely to die for!!! Thanks so much.”
-Donna Simpson, Camp Hill

“The salads tasted fantastic and I knew my kids were eating healthy food”
-Debbie Jenkins, Lismore
“Even my 3-year-old spots the Brubecks labels when we’re out shopping. We have to go and buy some of your pizzas."
-Katrina, Virginia

"I buy the Brubecks range of salads from Wises Road IGA and think they are fantastic, can't get enough of them. GREAT JOB"